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FuturoLEAF successfully started

23.9.2020 kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of FuturoLEAF project was celebrated on September 23rd 2020 on-line, due to the pandemic, hosted by the project Coordinator VTT. Participants from all partners were engaged in a lively discussion despite the lack of face-to-face contact.

In the meeting, the project overview and EU requirements we discussed along with the workplans of different work packages. VTT is leading the work on preparation of different grades of cellulosenanomaterials (CNF) and investigating the best cross-linking strategies for the CNF materials, while Aalto leads the working on production and modification of different cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) materials and studying their interaction with cells. CNRS leads the work on production of cell surface targeted MIPs, which will be used for specific attachment and targeting of cells to matrix materials. UTU will lead the work on photosynthetic cell engineering and studies while TU Graz will lead the engineering of other microbial cell strains. UTU and TU Graz will together study the combinatorial system where different types of micro-organisms work in tandem to produce chemicals efficiently. CyanoBioTech GmbH will actively participate in showing the efficiency of the SSCF with their production system and products.